The ParentGuide Program



What is This Program ?

The Program gives parents a practical and systematic way to work with their child at home to help him learn to listen and talk. It consists mainly of a set of lessons that you will do in a given order, as your child’s skills progress from simple sound detection to using age-appropriate language. You will also find general strategies that you will find useful in managing problems that parents typically encounter in this process.

I am Not A Technical Person; Will I Be Able to Do This ?

Yes. These are parent activities designed for non-technical parents. The lessons are easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for an activity. When unfamiliar, technical terms are used, you can still do the lesson if they are not crucial to your overall understanding. When you need to learn a specific technique, you will be directed to a specific page that will explain the technique. When learning some technical information is desirable, you will be directed to another page that will explain it. A science background is very helpful in understanding the technical stuff, but don’t worry if you don’t fully understand everything.

When you don’t understand something, or get stuck (as it is bound to happen from time to time), use the Forum to discuss your problem with other parents. You will be surprised at how fruitful and motivating this sharing can be!

Where Do I Start ?

The first step is to determine your child’s current level of skills in different areas: listening, understanding, and talking. You can do this by using the Parent Checklist of your child’s current level of communication skills. Using this checklist, figure out what your child is able to understand and what he is able to say. Don’t worry if your child can’t understand or say much; that is also a step in the ladder!

The checklist will give you a starting point, i.e., where to start doing the lessons in this Program. (Note: This checklist is a parent-friendly guide to get an idea of your child’s current skill level; it is not a substitute for a professional evaluation by a qualified therapist. If you can, you should get your child evaluated periodically by a professional, even if you are unable to get regular professional therapy for your child.)

Okay, Now I Know My Child's Current Skill Level; What Do I Do Next ?

Once you have determined your child’s current skill level, you will start with the lessons corresponding to that level. Before you can start on the lessons, you should first read the Lessons Overview page. This page will help you understand the lessons and teach you how to do the activities given in the lessons.

As you do the lessons every day, you will find your child’s skills increasing. By going back and consulting the
Parent Checklist, you will be able to follow the progress in his skills. As your child masters the objectives of each lesson, you will go on to the next lesson. Sometimes, you may be asked to continue the old lesson while you do the next lessons.

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